Sage Paul

Sage Paul makes fashion, costume and craft. She is an urban Dene woman. For her most recent work, Sage purchased full-sized caribou antlers back from a hipster furniture store. With her mom, she re-dresses the antlers in a beaded peyote stitch as a symbolic act of repatriation. This piece is called Re-dress (Redress) and was exhibited as a part of Indian Giver: Truth Telling and Narratives of Representation (2016) at Gallery 1313 in Toronto.

One of Sage’s other works include Synaptic City (2012), a diptych of wearable art and ready-to-wear fashion collections that have been displayed at the Royal Ontario Museum, Woodland Cultural Centre and Harbourfront Centre. This series of plexi-glass regalia and chiffon clothing is a reflective synapse for an urban Indigenous experience.

Sage has spoken in interviews for The FADER, The Toronto Star and CBC Arts about cultural appropriation. Sage was also a speaker for the Walrus Magazine’s Walrus Talk Series: “What is Art, Anyway?” and Ryerson University’s “Aware – We Are?”, The School of Fashion’s first-ever panel discussion about cultural appropriation.

Sage has completed three fashion collections and designed wardrobe for film and theatre including with Danis Goulet, Kent Monkman and Herbie Barnes. She is also the Co-Artistic Director of Setsuné Indigenous Fashion Incubator, a platform to promote Indigenous artists working in fashion, textiles and crafts.