Kitsuné Soleil

Kitsuné (pronounced: kit-sue-nay) is a Toronto-based artist and performer. Her Indigenous roots are from the Mistawasis First Nation (SK) and she is Bear Clan/Plains Cree. She is being pulled towards a path of strongly tying herself to her Indigenous roots, researching where her blood line went to residential school, getting involved in beading earrings and pow wow dancing; reacquainting herself with her culture as she was adopted and lost that connection as a youth.

As an artist, Kitsuné is currently setting up an artist habitat for Timeraiser 150, which tackles the difficult subject of vices and alcoholism with tones of sarcastic humour and making the audience question if their own vices are worth that much time and/or effort. Her artistic expressions include: writing, acting, crafting and drawing for pin making shop (to be launched in late autumn, 2017). For June, she is part of the cast for Talking Treaties put on by Jumblies Theatre.

To date, one of her most important works she’s created was a project called #TheUnforgottenSisters, where she stitched together 60 dolls, with the help of other women, to each represent an actual Indigenous girl or woman who has been murdered or gone missing in Canada. Every doll was completely unique, with tags that included an individuals name, spirit name or clan, and quotes she found on the Internet from relatives/friends about their lost/murdered loved ones

Kitsuné is about to embark in the world of video logging, covering everything from her day-to-day life to important topics that she is passionate about, like Indigenous issues, breaking stereotypes of mental illness, and opening up conversations of art and exploring today’s growing gender identifications and two-spirit livelihoods.

It's been fantastic working alongside other Nish women on a large scale production like this, and it's the first time I got to be a part of something of this nature; I've sharpened my skills in terms of accuracy, organizing, and my eye for detail. I never thought I would be having fun helping cut, sew, and fabricate hundreds of aprons and tea towels, but here I am counting up and down the piles!