Dsquared brings back dated, racist slurts “squ*w” and “eskimo” for new collection

We very much disagree with and are very offended by the blatant CULTURAL APPROPRIATION of and RACISM towards Indigenous people and our culture in Dsquared2’s latest collection “Dsqu*w‬” *shudder* The line between “inspired by” and “appropriation” is often confused, unfortunately, however the use of slur’s like “squaw” is completely unacceptable; racism has no grey area.

The Setsuné team is run by and is committed to working with Indigenous designers. We are committed to working with the mainstream and its fashion trends in the creation of Indigenous “inspired” fashion and we openly welcome collaborations with those who see the beauty in our culture and our fashion and who want to dig deeper.

We challenge mainstream designers to approach Indigenous designers like us to start a respectful relationship, discourse and understanding of our culture and wickedly beautiful style; we would LOVE to share with you who we are, our history, our protocol’s and be a part of what you want to celebrate. Oh, and we will tell you what is racist if thing’s are not clear

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