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A growing database of Indigenous retailers for fashion, textiles and crafts. Are we missing one?
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b. Yellowtail
A celebration of ancestry, B.YELLOWTAIL embraces authentic, indigenous design
Beyond Buckskin
Bringing ancient designs, natural materials, and cultural stories to modern fashion.
Catherine Blackburn
Hand-made collection inspired by floral and geometric designs of Catherine's Dene roots.
Hand of Solomon
High-End, Edgy, Native Canadian Jewellery Art. Handmade by Louise Solomon.
Hinaani Designs
A design collective creating items that reflect Arctic landscape and Inuit culture
Running Fox Beads
Hand beaded jewelry, patches, and hairpieces. Handmade by Skye Paul.
Tlicho Online Store
Arts and crafts of the Tłįchǫ First Nation and Northerners of the Northwest Territories.
Toronto, ON Canada
+1 416 459 8280