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Research & Development Workshop Series: Jul – Sept, 2016

Gaining traditional and contemporary Indigenous artistic knowledge and techniques, and prompting artistic discourse for fashion, textiles and wearable art.

Registration is now open! (See 2015 Pics)

With the financial support of the Ontario Arts Council, and the support of our local community, Setsuné launches its second annual Research and Development Workshop Series on July 30, bringing together the local arts community to develop artistic skill and understanding of Indigenous knowledge through textile and material based techniques and teachings. This Series offers diverse workshops that pass invaluable knowledge and skill to push personal artistic boundaries, stimulate the creation of new works and promote important discussion around culture, tradition and artistic development. The workshops are open to everyone of any age, gender or culture, to learn about and discuss Indigenous culture within an urban framework. There is full sponsorship available for self-identified young Indigenous women and mother artists (aged 16-35). The 2016 Workshop Series includes:

  • July 30 – Fish Scale Art (Brenda Lee)
  • August 13/14 – Porcupine Roach Making (Jason Gullo Mullins)
  • August 20/21 – Indigo Dyeing (Pura Fe)
  • August 27 – Hide Tanning I (Rosary Spence)
  • September 3 – Hide Tanning II (Rosary Spence)
  • September 10 – Hide Tanning III (Rosary Spence)
  • September 11 – Hide Tanning IV (Rosary Spence)

Each workshop includes professional facilitation, inclusive discussion, materials, meals and childcare. Workshop fees range and registration is open to everyone. There are full sponsorships available for Indigenous women and mother artists aged 16-35. We are processing applications and spaces are filling up fast – apply now! (Please allow 3-4 days to process, email us about upcoming dates


Classes are filling up fast and are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Indigenous women and mother artists, aged 16-35:
We have full sponsorships for you!

As a result of these research and development workshops, Setsuné will curate a collaborative new body of artworks in any area of fashion, textiles and wearable art that addresses a common theme. In 2016, this inaugural Collective Creation Project was titled Indian Giver: Truth Telling and Narratives of Representation, in response to cultural appropriation.

Visit for more information and to register for workshops.


About the Setsuné Indigenous Fashion Incubator

Setsuné (set-soon-eh) means grandmother in the Dene language and we use it to acknowledge intergenerational crossovers, blood memory and oral histories expressed through fashion and the arts. The Setsuné Indigenous Fashion Incubator fosters the creation and exhibition of new works by Indigenous artists working in traditional and contemporary fashion, textiles and wearable art. Our partnerships with industry, galleries and allies promote Indigenous fashion and material-based art across diverse cultures and sectors.  Setsuné is a Collective comprised of women artists, designers, managers and community members Sage Paul, Erika Iserhoff and Louise Solomon; we follow the spirit of a not-for-profit organization within an Indigenous framework. Setsuné Inc. is an extension of the Incubator focused on the economic development and wellbeing of Indigenous women entrepreneurs who work in fashion, textiles and apparel retail.

Workshops are open to everyone to build understanding of our culture and traditions and to encourage strong, cross-cultural partnerships. There are sponsorships available for Indigenous women and mothers (16-35) to access the workshop series.

Media contact:

sage paul, co-founder/co-artistic director

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