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Ts’kwe Makers Atelier

Indian Giver: Truth Telling and Narratives of Representation

Jnet AyAy Qwa Yak Sheelth. Detail of Creative Vision Is to Right the Invisible Presence of Indigenous Textile Art, 2016. (Krissy Ballanger)

How Indigenous artists are taking back what the fashion industry stole (CBC Arts)

From the gallery to the mall? Imagine seeing an art show about cultural appropriation at Urban Outfitters If Sage Paul and Erika Iserhoff get their wish, the next place you’ll…
Jodi Lynn Maracle

This Is What Happens When Indigenous Artists Do Their Own Appropriating (THE FADER)

Toronto’s Setsuné Fashion Incubator has curated an art show-cum-clapback called Indian Giver. Sage Paul knew that the name of her new art show would be provocative. Indian Giver: It’s an…
INDIAN GIVER setsuné indigenous fashion incubator


I first heard the term “Indian Giver” in primary school. A little girl blurted it out when I tried to grab my toy to go home. “You’re an Indian Giver!”…

Indian Giver’ confronting cultural appropriation through artwork (Toronto Star)

June art exhibition from Setsuné Indigenous Fashion Incubator providing a platform for indigenous women artists Erika Iserhoff says she’s done playing nice. From the genocide of indigenous people in residential…

Dorothy Grant (Canada)

Internationally renowned fashion designer and traditional Haida artist Dorothy Grant’s strong connection to her culture and Haida identity has been the driving creative force and her foundation as a contemporary fashion designer for over the past thirty-two years. In 1988,…